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Halfood the perfect example of experience exchange

The 9th international professional exhibition for healthy and eco-friendly products Halfood&Ecogoods continues its work in Crocus Expo.

The Halfood and Ecogoods platform brings together representatives of small and medium enterprises, industry leaders and key figures from Russia and abroad. The expo organizers have been developing alternative consumer market for 9 years, trying to respond to specific demands of millennials consumers who will have the strongest purchasing power in the nearest future. In contemporary world impacted by pollution, this audience is now turning to products that are free from harmfull substances. Millenials choose services aimed at maintaining health and complying with responsible consumption.

The Halfood exhibition is a specialized platform that helps participants to enter the market for halal and organic products. In 8 years of the exhibition's continuing growth, the number of halal food and non-food companies increased twentyfold. The niche pioneers are now the market leaders and have their products sold in many commercial networks and retail stores. Due to the exhibitions work, halal label is caring the meaning beyond purely religious standard. It is became highly recognized mark of high quality and environmental friendliness.

The Ecogoods exhibition is a salon for organic and eco-friendly products and services. It displays goods and services with organic, bio and eco-friendly labels. The Ecogoods salon provides a platform for companies that follow the principles of thoughtful consumption, sustainable production, health promotion and improvement the quality of life in contemporary environment. The salon includes sections for natural cosmetics, perfumes, eco-textile, eco-friendly detergents, eco-healthcare, eco-tourism, catering, hospitality, vegetarian food products.

Halfood and Ecogoods offers an eventful business programme that includes the Halal Forum, business seminars for market players and young entrepreneurs and B2B workshops on HoReCa and retail. The show programme includes different events at the participants booths, a cooking show, award ceremony for compliance of the companies business processes with halal standards and the traditional tasting contest Halal product of the year.

  • 26.04.2018

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