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Marathon of events in construction and interior segment

International Construction and Interior Exhibition BATIMAT RUSSIA, the main event in the field of building technologies and interior solutions, will be hosted in Crocus Expo April 3 through 6.

The leading manufacturers and distributors of construction and finishing materials, along with the best Russian and foreign designers and architects, will present the novelties and premier collections of the new season at the largest exhibition area of the country.

Thematic sections of the exhibition :

• Construction materials & equipment. There will be the stands of the leading construction companies demonstrating the latest technologies in the field of capital construction and external finish of buildings on the exposure. «Building materials and equipment» exposition will provide materials and equipment for all stages of construction - from foundation work to external and internal finish.

Flooring specialized thematic exposition. The main sections of the exposition represent the latest materials and equipment used in the process of the floor arrangement, demonstrate new technologies for production and flooring laying. The exhibition gives the unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to obtain the latest information on current market conditions, technological developments, the latest fashion trends in the world of flooring.

Window systems. Gate. Shutters. Aluminum profile systems specialized thematic exposition. The exhibition will feature window, door and façade systems, technologies, components, materials and equipment for their manufacture and installation from the leading Russian and foreign companies. Visitors can see the new proposals of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, working successfully on the Russian market, as well as expositions of international companies exhibiting in Russia for the first time.

Doors and accessories specialized thematic exposition. The exhibition presents: interior and front doors, interior septum, locks and locking systems, accessories and findings for door production. The exhibition will become expected industry event. The largest Russian manufacturers of doors and the representatives of the leading factories of Europe and Asia will take place in this exhibition. They will discuss world trends and determine the directions of development of the door industry in Russia.

Wall coverings specialized thematic exposition. The exposition demonstrates the latest wallpaper collection of leading domestic and international manufacturers, as well as new materials and technologies of this industry.

Bathroom interiors and ceramic tile and stone.

Started fifth contest of design projects of interior space with international participation BATIMAT INSIDE 2018. The founder of the contest – international construction and interior exhibition "BATIMAT RUSSIA 2018" announces the launch of the fifth all-Russian open contest with international participation BATIMAT INSIDE 2018! To participate in the contest are invited architects and designers of residential and public interiors. The purpose of the contest is to identify and reward the best solutions in the field of design and designing of interiors, as well as the popularization of new ideas in the designing of modern, environmentally safe and high-tech spaces.

For the first time, at the BATIMAT RUSSIA 2018 International Construction and Interior Exhibition, the Open Space Lounge for architects and designers, ARCH: SPEECH lounge, will be arranged in the section of the Construction and Architecture Exposition. The Open Space Lounge will include the following:

  • Video reviews of international architectural sites on current themes and global trends in urban development
  • A library of the DOM publishers’ books on urban, architecture, and design, as well as SPEECH magazines

The professionals will be able to learn the information and educational video content of industry experts in a comfortable atmosphere of the VIP lounge.

Work shop at the exhibition Batimat Russia 2018. At the same, in several open areas, in the workshop zones the topical seminars dedicated to interior design and architecture were held: main trends and tendencies, features of the occupation, HoReCa interiors, business and design, modern architecture technologies, designer's engineering competence and design of private interiors.

  • 23.01.2018

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