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Year of Ecology will bring together power, business and citizens in the sphere of nature protection

One of the final events of the Year of Ecology in Russia, the International specialized exhibition and forum ECOTECH 2017, will take place December 12 to December 14 in Moscow. Murad Kerimov, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia, told TASS about preliminary results of the year in the main areas of work.

Mr. Kerimov said that preliminary results were about 500 billion rubles invested in ecology, more than 7 thousand federal and regional events in which more than 20 million people have participated. This means the rapprochement of positions of business, power and citizens of the country in the sphere of environmental protection. Today we see how system ecological decisions form ecological responsibility which can become the engine of citizens' initiatives promotion and development of civil liability in general.

He added that hundreds of actions for cleaning of territories took place in all regions of Russia. We would like to express our gratitude to public organizations and regional authorities, our colleagues in reserves and national parks for their organization. Several hundreds of thousands of tons were gained if to consider how many garbage during the year had been collected by hands of our active citizens! The traditional spring All-Russian ecological voluntary unpaid work day has brought together about 3 million people. The number of participants of other all-Russian ecological actions was record breaking: Green Russia, Water of Russia and Clean Riverside to Clean Rivers.

Waste Sorting or separate waste collection is the most progressive waste treatment approach. By 2025 separate collecting and processing will be priority, but positive changes with the assistance of volunteers and public ecological organizations happen already now, these are still small events of local scale, but they show interest to the subject and form readiness of citizens to join RSO.

Murad Kerimov also told about urgent problems related to the Arctic issue. Municipal waste management is different in Arctic. One of the most important is the unique conditions of the Arctic. A lot of the approaches that we take in the South are not as appropriate or applicable in the North. For example, in the South, you can bury garbage, but that can be tricky in the North, where you have permafrost. Another aspect of the Arctic is that communities are very isolated from each other; they are remote, most are fly-in only, and so it’s difficult to remove garbage. Whereas in the South, you can drive it away to a more appropriate spot and deal with it there. Also, if any equipment breaks down, it could take a long time to ship in replacement parts or get the necessary personnel to make repairs.

Another problem is oil spill into the environment, especially the marine ecosystem. Certain training courses on oil spill elimination were organized in the Arctic area. Taking into account the received experience of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation has developed a method of identification of oil spill aiming to approach systemically to the issue of identification, prevention and elimination of oil pollution. There were drafted two bills which establish requirements to the companies and administrative responsibility for violation.

Photo: exposition of Ecotech 2016

  • 08.12.2017

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