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Royal Canin Grand PRIX 2017

Royal Canin Grand PRIX 2017, world’s largest cat show, will take place during the first weekend in December! Best cats from Russia and other countries, world-recognized judges, rare and exotic breeds, entertaining programs for grownups and little ones are in store for our guests! We can’t wait to see you on December 2-3 at pavilion 3, Crocus Expo! Visitors can see more than 2,000 cats of 50 different breeds.

Cats, their owners and visitors are gathering in Moscow for Grand Prix Royal Canin, one of the world's largest international cat shows where feline participants meet with around 40,000 cat lovers. A variety of popular and rare breeds, such as: the British, the Exotic, the Persian, the Scottish Fold, the Scottish Straight, the Highland Fold, the Highland Straight, the Abyssinian, the Somali, the Cornish Rex, the Selkirk Rex, the Siberian, the Neva Masquerade, Siamese, the Thai, the Oriental, the Bobtail, the Sphinxes, the Bengals, the Burmese, the Russian Blue, the Turkish Angora, the Birman, the Norwegian Forest, the Maine Coon and others. The exhibition will feature the best cats of Russia and abroad.

The International Grand Prix Royal Canin cat show has been held annually since 2012 and is popular not only among cat lovers, but also cat researchers and veterinarians. More than 20 "high-quality" cat breeds were seen on the first day of the show. Visitors also have an opportunity get to know each animal that's available for adoption or purchase.

The cat show has also reserved a special area for games, master classes and other informative events for children. The exhibition program includes: Mono Breed Cat Shows , Programme Show, consultations on pets' care, feeding and breeding; products for animals and kittens for sale.

  • 01.12.2017

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