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Priority challenges related to road infrastructure development have been defined

Maxim Sokolov, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, spoke at the exhibition and forum ROADEXPO and participated in the plenary meeting of the scientific-practical conference Safe and Quality Roads initiated and organized by Rosavtodor

The exhibition and forum ROADEXPO is held in Crocus Expo on the eve of the Day of Road Economy Workers - the event uniting representatives of federal and regional public authorities, branch associations, producers and suppliers of special equipment, specialized mass media and experts of road and transport branch. Thus Maxim Sokolov congratulated everybody with the coming holiday within the frames of the official opening ceremony of the project.

In transport infrastructure development, the ministry’s priority areas include promoting uniform policies and standards, coordinating efforts made at different government levels and building federal infrastructure. We have recently updated Russia’s transport strategy for the period through 2030, which was approved by the Russian Government at the end of last year. The Transport System Development state program is a key enabler of this strategy. 

The country’s authorities decided to involve foreign contractors, operators, investors and manufacturers more actively in infrastructure projects. Obviously, we are extremely interested in seeing new professional players enter our market. Do not be afraid of inviting investors and concession participants through open bids to implement federal transport infrastructure projects. The road industry generates the highest number of concession agreements.

Maxim Sokolov has also reminded of considerable support of the road branch from the state. In the current year the volume of federal road fund has exceeded 675 billion rubles. "Stable financing which, I am confident, will remain, and thus it will allow to finish already in this decade the transfer of federal roads network of our country to a standard state", – the minister has emphasized. He has also mentioned the priority project Safe and Quality Roads which has brought to a new qualitative level the interaction of the federal center and regions on issues related to the development of regional and local roads. Construction of the main infrastructure facility of Russia – Krymsky Bridge is also very important.

  • 11.10.2017

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