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PIR Expo: New Generation

The Jubilee 20th PIR is not just the largest exhibition for restaurant business professionals, it is a whole world of fresh ideas where the classics is intertwined with innovations, traditional approach is abundantly flavored by the boldness of daring discoveries and canonical decisions are reflected through the prism of inspiration. Taking after the "revolutionary" PIR 2016 the current year promises to be creative and innovative.

PIR Expo Russian Hospitality Week is so similar to the time machine of HoReCa industry in Russia and CIS countries. With its help, today you will learn the fresh trends and even find out even what will be mainstream tomorrow. Become the Exhibition participant or guest, become a part of the future!

The PIR Expo features a unique exposition with a participation of the most notable managing companies on the Russian market. The program of seminars, lectures , competitions and more, captures interests of various experts, that work in catering and hospitality industry. If you are planning to build a hotel or restaurant, or you already own a business, the PIR is the right place to learn about modern market trends and meet possible partners.

This year PIR Expo celebrates its 20th anniversary. It means, this Event will not only turn the biggest one on the market but the most grandiose one in the history.

PIR Expo is a place where traditions and innovations meet, where entrepreneurs share their experience. This year's focus is on the new generation and new viewpoints in the "traditional" business. PIR Expo has long passed the notion "exhibition", PIR Expo is the business, and each part of it is all about business: PIR is about business, Restofranchising is about business, Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo is about business, Expo Hotel is about business.

PIR Expo Russian Hospitality Week is:
Over 600 participating companies;
25 thematic areas and halls;
More than 400 professional events;
New discoveries, new ideas, new knowledge, new horizons of your business.

The anniversary PIR Expo 2017 exhibition on October 9-12th could be missed only by those who hesitate and those who are lazy. But after all that's what business is all about: eat or be eaten!

  • 06.10.2017

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