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News about InterAuto 2017 business program

Regional meetings of suppliers will be held August 23 through 25 within the frames of the business program of the 13th International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto in Crocus Expo.

Current and potential suppliers of automotive products will have a unique opportunity to participate in individual meetings with consumers of end products and to discuss with them opportunities of deliveries organization on the open consulting area of the Center of Automotive Industry Suppliers Development.

Issues on deepening of localization of assembly enterprises and their suppliers of the highest levels will be discussed (August 23) within the regional meeting of suppliers. The list of required components, nodes and systems, critical technologies and services in the automotive industry under the conditions of the market changes will be considered during the meeting.

Russian and foreign participants will have an opportunity to evaluate opportunities for the development of strategic partnership and technological cooperation during the strategic session on development of business and cooperation with foreign partners (August 23).

Should you require detailed information about other events of the program to be held August 24 and 25 please refer to the official web site of the exhibition at

For registration to submit a participation application please refer to the official web site of the Automotive Business Connections in Russia RUSAUTOconnect at or forward the application to Ekaterina Komarova, Head of the business program (, +7 (812) 740-7226, +7 (981) 171-6181).

The business program of the project is held with official support of the Association of Russian Automakers (OAR), the National Association of Automotive Components Manufacturers (NAPAK), OES RUS (Russia-Germany) technological operator, Russian Automotive Market Research (NAPI, Russia) and the Automotive Business Connections in Russia RUSAUTOconnect®.

  • 21.07.2017

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