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International exhibitions ROSMOULD-2017 and ROSPLAST 2017 have begun its work today Crocus-Expo.

International exhibitions ROSMOULD is a world-class specialized trade fair for mold-making, prototyping and 3D technologies. For ten years ROSMOULD has been a trusted compass for professionals in the field of mold, die and stamp manufacturing. The crucial role that form-generating equipment plays in every industrial sector is one of the keys to the popularity and significance of ROSMOULD, the only trade fair of its kind in Russia and Eastern Europe. Tooling for plastics, composites, metals, alloys, ceramics, glass and more will be showcased at ROSMOULD 2017.

ROSPLAST 2017 is an international specialized exhibition of raw materials, equipment and technologies for the production of plastic goods and items. The show, focusing on the results of research and development in the field of plastics, showcases new types of products and equipment, presents cutting edge technologies of plastics production and processing and indicates new trends in the development of plastics market.

The exhibition’s relevance and popularity are largely prompted by the spirit of our time: plastics and polymers, the strong, durable and visually appealing materials, are currently taking over the industrial niches that were formerly reserved for the more traditional materials – metal, wood, glass, paper and textile. The effects of the ‘plastic revolution’ are visible in all the chief production spheres, including vehicle and aircraft industries, medical equipment manufacturing, telecommunications, computer and space technologies.

ROSPLAST exhibition first opened its doors to public in the year 2010 as a natural extension of another one popular project, the international fair for mould making ROSMOULD: Moulds. Die-moulds. Stamps. The two exhibitions are closely interconnected, which benefits both projects, attracting visiting professionals from a variety of industrial spheres.

The 3d international conference IDEAS. DESIGN. ITEMS will be held in the framework of the business program of exhibitions ROSMOULD. Moulds. Die Moulds. Stamps and ROSPLAST. Plastics. Equipment. Items. The conference is devoted to modern trends of development of industry design of plastics items and popularization of additive technologies.

  • 20.06.2017

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