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The world of hobbies and devices of the future

Two shows intended for all fans of modelism, technical creativity and smart portable devices - Moscow Hobby Expo and Gadget Fair - have been opened today in Crocus Expo IEC.

Moscow Hobby Expo will become a point of attraction for racing drivers, pilots, seamen, magicians, soldiers, princesses, designers and collectors. Gadget Fair is dedicated to the world of various gadgets. The organizer anticipate that more than 10 000 visitors will come to the shows in Crocus Expo during three days!

The exposition comprising 5 000 sq m will incorporate companies from 15 cities of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Ufa, Chelyabinsk and so forth) and foreign countries. Visitors will see novelties and popular models of famous market players: Wright Brothers, Hobby Center, Hobby Ostrov, Dadget, NIKO, Eurotrain and many others. Moscow Hobby Expo is traditionally held with official support of the Federation of Aircraft Modeling Sport of Russia (FAMS), the Federation of Tank Modeling Sport (FTMS) and the Federation of Auto Modeling Sport of Russia (FAMS).

The exhibition is targeted at the wide audience of any age –everyone will have an opportunity to find a hobby to their liking. This year the calendar of events will feature a rich informative and entertainment program:

§ international competitions of car and aircraft models;

§ All-Russian competition of stand modelism;

§ Tank battles initiated and organized by the Federation of Tank Modeling Sport;

§ Demonstration of ships and aircrafts models;

§ Car races;

§ Impressive presentations from participants;

§ Test drives of different types of electric transport;

§ And master classes.

Thematic location of companies at Moscow Hobby Expo shows that such segmentation assists visitors to easier orientate themselves at the exhibition and the exhibitors get a better effect of their participation in the exhibition. Our decision to organize our expanded floor space into sectors according to market segments is positively accepted by the exhibitors. It will improve visitors navigation around the hall, make suppliers stands easy to find and provide our large show with more efficiency.

Project participants display a wide range of products for hobbies and keenness– everything for railway, aerial, naval and auto modeling, architectural prototyping, radio-controlled models, accessories for prototypes and dioramas, tools, devices, equipment and materials, board games, specialized literature and many other things.

As its popularity and success rate has grown over the last years the trade fair has developed to incorporate more than just an exhibition. These special events served to attract leading exhibitors and visitors and allowed all participants the chance to broaden their knowledge and of course their sales potential.

The spring edition of the exhibition will attract with the program of various events: international car and aircraft models competitions; All-Russian competition of stand modelism by FASSR; fascinating tank battles under the auspices of the Federation of Tank Modeling Sport of Russia. Participants from 13 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Japan, Taiwan, DPRK, Germany, Israel, USA, Italy, China and Czech Republic) will compete within the frames of Gran Prix of Russia in the class of radio-controlled electric off-roaders. Exhibition guests will have an opportunity to watch and support competitions of EASYMADE radio-controlled models drift championship of Russia. AWD and RWD qualifying and pair races will take place April 15 and 16, respectively.

Gadget Fair 2017 exposition will be accommodated alongside with the Moscow Hobby Expo. Mobile interactive robots, personal gadgets for sport, Smart House components, mobile applications and games, and also other products from producers and developers of gadgets, trade chains, accessories’ suppliers and other players of the market will be displayed at the exposition. These devices have become a necessary addition to our persona wherever we go: in sport (fitness treadmill, smart bracelets, sports devices), in medicine (electronic plasters, tricorder, exoskeletons), in show business (smartphones, tablets, players, game consoles, glasses for virtual reality and many other things) and other spheres of life. The exposition was launched in 2015 and the project proved its popularity during the previous editions.

Do not miss a unique opportunity to establish new business contacts, determine the most promising development trends, present your solutions to the wide range of visitors, to promote your corporate image, products and services as well as create greater market awareness in the market segment throughout Russia.

Welcome to the world of hobbies!

Admittance for the youngest visitors (kids under 4 years) is free.

  • 14.04.2017

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