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HeliRussia will display an ultra-light helicopter

HeliWhale, a company from Kemerovo (Siberia), which debuted at the show in 2015, presented an ultra-light helicopter with coaxial rotors, the Afalina (Bottlenose Dolphin).

Afalina is the two-seat coaxial high-speed helicopter with take-off weight  of 495 kg, has the best  in its class aircraft performance and corresponds to modern cosumer needs. Cruising speed is 210 km/h, maximum speed is 250 km/h. Range is 600 km and the scaled-up cabin provide additional comfort in operation.

Afalina’'s developers claim their helicopter has an entirely new control system of coaxial rotors, patented by them, which provides for the helicopter's high velocity. In addition, ‘Afalina’ can be refuelled with conventional car petrol (95 octane). Combined with the heating and ventilation systems in the cabin, its low starting price (US$120.000/-) should, according to its creators, make it attractive to potential users; among them the Ministry of Emergency Situations, agricultural workers, flight schools, and air ambulance companies.

Afalina is designed as a multipurpose helicopter capable of performing a variety of tasks, including the training of pilots, maintenance of pipelines and power lines, aerial surveillance, police patrolling, transportation of personnel, farm work and recreational flights.

  • 15.03.2017

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