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TV channels were granted Big Digit National Award

The winners of the 8th National Award Big Didit in the multichannel digital TV were announced February 2 at CSTB. Telecom & Media. It is a highly-respected award and a recognized “quality mark” for the professionals and influential market players such as the federal and regional operators, producers, distributors of equipment for multi-channel digital TV, Russian and overseas channels that broadcast in multi-channel networks in Russian language in Russia and CIS countries as well as the Russian TV channels that broadcast abroad.

The 8 years of holding Big Digit Awards confirmed the significance of such large-scale project for development of civilized market of multi-channel digital TV in Russia and CIS countries. Goals and objectives of awards are popularization and promotion of modern technologies, services and content among operators and subscribers of multi-channel digital TV networks and consolidation of major players as a new stage of market development, creation of quality products.

The competition winners get the right to use the registered trademark Big Digit in outdoor, TV and other mass media advertising for the period of one year, to promote TV channels, new technologies and services in multi-channel digital TV networks, to increased rating of the channels in cable and satellite TV networks and promote new technologies of digital broadcasting among the viewers.

Two TV channels from Channel 1 were granted awards at the ceremony: Bobior in Hobby Channel nomination and Dom Kino Premium in Movie-Series Channel nomination. Dom Kino Premium was also granted the special prize as the Best Thematic HD Channel.

  • 09.02.2017

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